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MUENLEE GLOBAL TRADE CO.,LTD. We started in organic community for more than 20 years ago to support our none chemical farmer community and started to have our “Rice Mill” from 2013 Main in exporting Premium quality of Thai Rice. For our mission to go globally with quality, we have joint with a Food Factory to produce Ready to Eat Thai Food & FRUIT & Snack for different target of consumers

Brand Story

CHARM THAI by Muenlee Global is a representative of Premium Ready to Eat Food Company in Thailand, Our vision is to offer high quality of Rice-meal and related Top Thai Foods and Curry Eg. Thai Green Curry, Panang Curry, Massaman Curry, choice of Tikka Masala Sauce., etc. to Global consumers with theConcept of Thai Luxury sensation อายตนะแห่งต้นตำรับอาหารไทย. 




We also provide other on stop consolidate food supply service such as ; Healthy Food, Snack, Organic Food , Rice, Vegetable, Tropical Fruit,  Coconut Oil, other coconut product, and also Durian from the Farm ., etc.  


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